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What do you value in air travel?

Fony Ternandez
Posted 2019-03-20T13:22:54+08:00 in Travel
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  • Duration: 14 days
  • Ended at 03 April 2019, 1:32 PM

Opening statement by Fony Ternandez:

I'm challenging Richard Grandson's hoojah below:

"The difference between normal vs value for money air travel experience comes down on how the crew makes us feel at home throughout the entire flight."

My dear friend Richard is famous for publically saying he would fly economy whenever he has to pay for the flight himself. That's the reason why he built his budget airline empire to begin with.

In this debate, I will attempt to convince him to change his vote to "Cheap ticket price".


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Richard Grandson
Posted 2019-03-20T17:41:35+08:00
Voted for Good looking & friendly cabin crew

I was honestly shocked when I received this challenge. I never thought my past would come and haunt me.

Although I have always preferred low-priced fares, however, admittedly flying luxuriously on private jets over the years may have skewed my judgement. I have come to appreciate the opulence of flying exclusively. Therefore I don't think there's anything you can say to make me change my vote.


Fony Ternandez
Posted 2019-03-20T13:28:50+08:00
Voted for Cheap ticket price

I look forward to your first argument Richie!


Fony Ternandez
Posted 2019-03-20T17:41:59+08:00
Voted for Cheap ticket price

Your statement "I have come to appreciate the finer things in life" seems like you're leaning more towards "Comfort" rather than "Good looking and friendly cabin crew". Are you sure you're even sober right now? lol