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Should the government provide fund for the flying car 2020 project or should the money go to our public transportation project?

Khoiry Jalaluddin
Posted 2019-03-26T21:21:31+08:00 in Current Affairs
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  • Ended at 27 March 2019, 7:13 AM

Opening statement by Anuar Ibrohim:

I'm challenging Fony Ternandez's hoojah below:

"I do like the idea of flying cars and it will be interesting to watch a history in the making for Malaysia but however, realistically speaking it cant be done."


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Anuar Ibrohim
Posted 2019-03-26T23:09:22+08:00
Voted for Flying car 2020

Hello Tony,

Sorry for that, im still trying to figure out how this work. Haha.

Jokes aside, i was trying to say that it seems like you do like the idea but you dont seem to believe that a flying car can be done.

Government should fund this kind of project because it will help our economy and even opening new opportunities for job seekers. To be frank, with flying cars, we don’t need airplanes anymore to go anywhere.


Fony Ternandez
Posted 2019-03-26T23:21:34+08:00
Voted for Public transportation

I understand that in a way it will help with our economy but however, i dont think it’s the right move, Anuar.

Our public transportation still need a lot of improvement. Although we can see a lot of progress for the past 2 years, i do think we can do better. Trafic these days are getting worst because not all districts have easy access to public transportation and therefore, they still need to drive.

You said that with flying cars, it will be easier to fly since we don’t need airplanes anymore. Now, was that an indirect comment to me or you saying it as in general? It is not easy to ride an airplane and with flying cars, it will be easier? Pilots are well trained especially in avoiding turbulence up in the air. That is why we hired a pilot to fly an airplane and notjust any random person. It requires skills and experience to fly a machine and flying cars with a driver that doesn’t have much experience in flying will not be a good idea.


Anuar Ibrohim
Posted 2019-03-27T01:35:21+08:00
Voted for Flying car 2020

If we manage to do it before other countries, we will receive a lot of investment and this will help our currency. We need more investment as we are a developing country.

Im sure the government will come up with other solutions in dealing with turbulence or anything to do with flying. They will have the best team to work on this project. Bringing in a specialist from Boeing for example.

Imagine flying cars around Kuala Lumpur. Wouldn’t it be great, Fony?


Fony Ternandez
Posted 2019-03-26T23:02:19+08:00
Voted for Public transportation

Hello Anuar,

Thank you for your request but however, i don’t seem to see any point from you.

I still stick with my point.


Fony Ternandez
Posted 2019-03-27T07:13:13+08:00
Voted for Public transportation

The idea is great but it is far from reality. I still think we need to focus on our current project rather than a future project that is uncertain.