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Is it easier to be instafamous for looks or talent?

Thatila Tan
Posted 2019-03-27T19:52:43+08:00 in Society
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  • Ended at 30 March 2019, 8:32 PM

Opening statement by Khoiry Jalaluddin:

I'm challenging Rudzainy Rahman's hoojah below:

"Instagram are based on good looking, so looks it is."

Im just curious why would you say that.


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Khoiry Jalaluddin
Posted 2019-03-27T21:48:38+08:00
Voted for Talent

Perhaps it is easy money but talents, it can give you an opportunity in showcasing who you truly are. It can be singing, drawing or even cooking.

Instagram should be a platform for people to showcasing their talents and not just selfies.


Rudzainy Rahman
Posted 2019-03-27T20:57:06+08:00
Voted for Looks

In instagram, it can get you quite far by far i meant sponsorships from big brand such as Mercedes, Dior, those luxury brands so they are able to promote their new products.

With looks, you don’t have to worry on how to pose because with looks alone, you can gain a lot of followers and in return, these mega brands will gain more followers too.


Khoiry Jalaluddin
Posted 2019-03-27T20:37:07+08:00
Voted for Talent

I do understand that with looks you can go far but how far can you go with looks alone.